My First Page

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website. I’m Broker Associate Ernest Maynor with Keller Williams, and I assist buyers and sellers of real estate in the Hoboken, New Jersey area. As a real estate professional, I strive daily to work for each of my clients diligently, providing the highest level of customer service, individualized attention, and thorough knowledge of the NJ real estate market. And I do this all while maintaining the utmost standards of integrity, confidentiality, and respect. As an expert in short sales, I focus on residential and commercial properties, and I know the market inside and out. I love real estate, and my goal as your agent is to make the buying or selling process a seamless one. While I know that every transaction is different, I maintain a listening ear and adaptability to find the best solutions for all your needs. I take great pride in putting my clients’ best interests first and going the extra mile to ensure that they can accomplish their goals.

A short sale – also known as a pre-foreclosure – is when you sell your home for less than the balance remaining on your mortgage. Whether it’s due to a low appraisal or a property value decrease, you’ll need your bank to grant you a short sale to avoid foreclosure. And you can get a short sale status on your home if there isn’t enough equity in it to pay off your mortgage after paying costs of sale or if the seller has a hardship like unemployment, divorce, bankruptcy, medical emergency, or death. The benefits of going this route are that you’ll be forgiven for the loan balance, avoid the negative impact of foreclosure, be eligible to receive several thousand dollars in relocation assistance, and you can start repairing your credit sooner than if you went through a foreclosure. As a specialist in short sales, I’ve worked with many homeowners by negotiating with their current lenders to sell their homes for less than what they owe to the bank and obtaining debt forgiveness. I assist homeowners with avoiding foreclosure and providing a clean slate to move on with their lives.

I know that no two clients, no two homes, and no two transactions are ever alike. I take the time to consult and evaluate each property to create the appropriate customized solution. My vast knowledge in residential and commercial real estate has helped me build productive, long-term relationships while ethically providing recommendations in the best interest of my clients. Hoboken is a beautiful city filled with a variety of people, from the non-native to the foreign-born and multilingual urbanites, power singles, people attracted to the big city’s bright lights, and families that have been here for generations. If you’re buying a home, I’ll stick by your side from the initial home search until closing to put the keys in your hand to your dream home. If you’re a commercial investor, I can offer you help with leasing, acquisitions, and development of investment properties, whether you’re selling up or looking to make a new addition to your property portfolio. I also assist residential sellers in evaluating, listing, marketing, showing, negotiating, and selling their homes in the shortest timeframe for the highest dollar amount.